Romans Chapter 6: Read the Bible Book of Romans

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Read Romans 6

Joel Boone Romans Chapter 6 Read the Bible Book of Romans

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Welcome back!

Welcome back to the “Read the Bible Book of Romans” Challenge! So many people are participating by sharing their thoughts. I am really glad that you are joining us right now. If you want to know more about what it is that we are doing together, go to There is a video there entitled “Challenge Accepted.” It will lead you through all the instructions and you can get caught up on all the previous videos to this one. But today, we continue the challenge, and we are in Romans Chapter 6. So, let’s get into Romans Chapter 6 together.

Read Romans Chapter 6

The story is unfolding.

That is Romans Chapter 6. Now, the story is really beginning to unfold at various levels as we Read through the Bible Book of Romans. I want to challenge you again, to leave a comment or leave a reply, wherever you are watching this video. If you are online at leave a comment there. If you are at YouTube or on Social Media, leave a comment there. I have read every comment, and I have tried to respond appropriately to every comment that has been coming in, and I will continue to try and do so. It is really cool to see how this conversation is forming, and multiple people are commenting, sharing their thoughts, connecting comment to comment in a discussion form. So, I want to challenge you to jump right in with us and participate in this challenge. I will see you in the comments, and I will see you in the next video as we read chapter 7 of the Bible Book of Romans.

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  1. Mama Blake

    “but the life he lives, he lives to God”. I pray that as a bond servant to our Lord and Saviour I will live “to” God

    • Great thought Mama Blake! What we live “for” should be the most recognizable attribute of our lives. What a great encouragement, thanks for sharing.

  2. Jonathon Cline

    Verse 14 really jumped out at me and reminds me that I am no longer a slave to my old nature but have freedom in Christ. The reason this mean so much is because as the war rages on inside of me where the old self tries to exert control, I am reminded that my true master is Christ and that through the grace and mercy of God, I am a new person. I call continually on the power of Christ to put down the old self. Thanks be to God for that freedom on this side of glory.

    • Jonathon, thanks for sharing your personal experience here. I believe many can relate to what you have expressed in relationship to this passage. I would be interested to learn more about your experience calling on the power of Christ!

      • Jonathon Cline

        I call on the power of Christ through prayer when I find cruddy thoughts trying to invade my mind. It could be a Billboard on the side of the road or a commercial on TV or even an ad/article on Facebook. I find that my mind wants to go down a rabbit trail and I have to stop and pray asking for God strength and power to bring you back so that I do not end up going down the sinful rabbit trail I will regret it later.

        • Jonathon, thanks for sharing some practical examples of how you seek the power of Jesus in your everyday life!

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