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…speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord…
Ephesians 5:19 NIV

Music is embedded in the fiber of our culture. When our phones ring, music plays. When our cars start, music plays. When our computers turn on, music plays. When our stores open, exercise begins, and sporting events commence, music plays. To avoid hearing music from the culture that surrounds, you literally have to drive away from town, get out of your car, and go for a walk into the middle of nature. Even then, music is embedded in the fiber of nature. The birds chirp, the crickets stridulate, and the frogs croak. The owls tu-whit tu-whoo, fish splash, bees buzz, and wolves howl. To avoid hearing music from the nature that surrounds, you literally have to put on some noise canceling headphones, allowing no sound to penetrate your auditory canal. After all of this, you will find that music is still embedded in the very fiber of your being. Your mind processes, your emotions swell, your heart pumps, muscles flex, and soul longs. As long as you have the gift of breath, the playlist of your soul is a perfect reflection of the contents found within. This hidden treasure chest of the soul is the source from which the music of your life plays to the entire audience that surrounds you. If the music of your life uplifts, the treasure found in your heart is positive. If the music of your life tears down, the treasure found in your heart is negative. Explicit content is a good indicator that it is time to change your tune and your treasure.


My VW Bus originally came with a radio, complete with frequency dials and a speaker the size of a nickel. The forty five years that had passed between its drive off the assembly line and my ownership lost both. I installed a new sound system to play my favorite songs. I could now choose what kind of music I wanted to hear, based on what artist or band I played. You have the option today, to choose Jesus Christ as the source for the music of your life. Allow Him to amplify through you a new song.


Go online and find a worship song that points you to Christ, set aside a few minutes with your spouse to listen to it or sing it together.

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