Keeper of Souls

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You are worth more than many sparrows. Matthew 10:31 NIV‬‬

Keeper of Souls



The word soul is used in some very distinct ways.

  • Those who did not quite make it to the spelling bee might immediately think about the sole of their foot.
  • Some might point to soul food, where a culinary artist has poured both talent and heart into a slow cooked, mouth watering, masterpiece.
  • Others begin to speak of soul mates, that one special person in the universe who was spiritually created for the purpose of being a mystical “other half.”

In fact, there are still others who try to categorize all of humanity into seven types of souls:

  1. The soul of a Servant
  2. The soul of an Artisan
  3. The soul of a Warrior
  4. The soul of a Scholar
  5. The soul of a Sage
  6. The soul of a Priest
  7. The soul of a King

Jesus sees only two types of souls: souls that are dead, and souls that are alive. This is why whenever Jesus talks about your soul, He emphasizes your need for a vibrant, thriving, and lively soul. In addition to that, Jesus points to The Father as the Keeper of Your Soul. This is why in the next part of the verse, Jesus encourages a healthy fear and respect for God.

Matthew 10:28
Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

God is the only one who can destroy a soul, and God is the only one who can bring a soul back to life. So, don’t be be consumed with fear regarding what can happen to your physical body, rather, fearfully acknowledge the God who determines life and death for your soul.

Today is a new day bringing fresh opportunities to connect with God. Take some time to turn your attention to God, the Keeper of Your Soul, and acknowledge Him in reverent fear. Willingly place the safety of your soul into the capable hands of The Father. May you experience true life as your soul thrives in Jesus Christ.

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