Challenge Accepted: Read the Bible Book of Romans

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Hey guys, it is Joel here, I hope you have been enjoying your artistic devotionals!

This is different.

Now, let me just say upfront here that it is a bit unusual for me to be filming myself, as this is not something that I usually do. Usually, I am filming the creation process of my artwork. In fact, the time lapse videos of my paintings have been some of the most popular posts I have ever released. Keep an eye out for more of those coming online soon.

However, I am here today for a specific reason, and it is because I have accepted a challenge.

That’s right, I have accepted a challenge.

You see, I attend this really awesome church every week, and my Pastor is about ready to start a brand new series on the Bible Book of Romans. In preparation for the series, my Pastor challenged me to read the entire Book of Romans. Now, I enjoying reading, and I was really excited that he gave me a personal invitation to partner with him in something he was doing, so I accepted the challenge. I am going to do it, I am going to read the Bible Book of Romans.

But the challenge doesn’t stop there. As I was thinking about reading through the book of Romans, a thought occurred to me, “This would be better if I did it with friends.” So, I am coming to you, my online friends, and I am extending the challenge to you as well. I challenge you to read through the Bible Book of Romans with me.

In fact, let’s share our experience together.

As we read, when something sticks out to us, or if a question arises, let’s share it with each other, so that through this process we can grow together.  Now, I’ve created a place for us to do this, on my website, So, head on over to, and let’s start reading the Bible Book of Romans together, while sharing our experience, so that we can help each other grow along the way.

Now, if you don’t have a Bible, don’t worry, I’ll put up the text for each chapter there so you can read it along with me. Also, if you think it would be fun to accept the challenge, please leave a comment wherever you are watching this video, and let everyone else know that you are going to participate. If you are on my website, leave a comment below the post, or if you are on YouTube or social media, please leave me a comment there. I promise that I will read every comment that is left for me, and, I will do my best to respond appropriately to all of them.

Bonus ideas!

Plus, as a bonus, if you have an idea for how to make this experience awesome for all of us, share your idea in the comment. Who knows? It probably will be that others who read your comment will also benefit from your great idea. Right from the beginning here, we can be helping each other out as we accept the challenge to read the Bible Book of Romans together.

So, check out and I will see you in the next video, where we will read Romans Chapter 1 together.

14 Responses

  1. Jamie Thompson

    Challenge accepted Joel!

  2. Jules Terpstra

    The Terp Fam is IN!

  3. Mama Blae

    Mama Blake is in, hope you will also be sharing some of your gifted insight into this scripture as we read along

    • Mama Blake, thanks for joining in! I am sure some really great insights will be collected as we get into the readings together.

  4. Lisa Davis

    Challenge accepted! I’m really looking forward to this time of study. Thanks Joel!

    • Thanks for joint the effort Lisa! I’m eager to see what comes of this as well. Romans chapter one coming soon! 👊🏿

  5. Alan Boone

    Son…Your “Pops” has accepted the challenge and will be traveling with you on this journey through Romans. Love you son!
    Your “Pops”

  6. Sharon J.

    a little late but reading Romans with you!

  7. Hey Joel, challenge accepted!

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