60 Worst Fears

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You are worth more than many sparrows. Matthew 10:31 NIV‬‬

60 Worst Fears



Fear is such a powerful thing. With the ability to motivate or debilitate, fear can hold an incredible amount of control in our lives. The weird thing about fear is, while it has absolutely no material substance, it impacts our physical nature deep down to the core of our lives. Being that each of us is uniquely hardwired, we each experience fear differently. In fact, there are so many different types of fears, just thinking about the possibilities has me intrigued. With a more than ordinarily peaked interest, I decided to reach out to my friends via social media and asked them to publicly bear their naked souls, divulging to me and the entire web universe their worst fears.

Below is the list they came up with, a total of 60 worst fears.

  1. Being alone
  2. Being confined
  3. Being found guilty for someone else’s crime
  4. Being ignored
  5. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time
  6. Being lost at sea
  7. Being misunderstood
  8. Being restrained
  9. Being stuck in a full capacity elevator
  10. Birds
  11. Black water
  12. Black widows
  13. Cancer
  14. Celebrities
  15. Chiggers
  16. Cold pizza
  17. Crickets
  18. Darkness
  19. Deep dark ocean
  20. Disappointing others
  21. Downtown
  22. Driving over a bridge at night
  23. Drowning
  24. Dying Alone
  25. Failing in relationships
  26. Failing as a husband or wife
  27. Failing as a parent
  28. Falling
  29. Family members getting hurt
  30. Family members dying
  31. Fish
  32. Food poisoning
  33. Getting hurt
  34. Getting pregnant
  35. Having a tube shoved down the throat
  36. Heights
  37. Holding animals
  38. Hurting others
  39. Junebugs
  40. Kids getting hurt
  41. Lice
  42. Losing a child
  43. Messing up kids
  44. Missing out on kid’s childhood
  45. Octopuses
  46. Passing more than just gas
  47. Plane crash
  48. Repeating family sins
  49. Sharks
  50. Small spaces
  51. Snakes
  52. Spiders
  53. Suffocating
  54. Suspension bridges
  55. Swimming in the ocean
  56. Teeth crumbling and falling out
  57. Teeth getting knocked out
  58. Ticks
  59. Tsunamis
  60. Wrong choices


Most of our worst fears stem from physical suffering. Fears often originate around the thought of negative things happening to our body, or the bodies of those we love. Some of our fears even branch out to our psyche; including mental pain, emotional pain, and relational pain. In the passage below, Jesus is trying to help us understand that pain experienced in our physical nature should be the least of our concerns. There is something even greater at stake.

Matthew 10:28
28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body…

It seems a little ridiculous at first glance. I found myself thinking, “Come on Jesus, of course we should be afraid of those who can kill the body. That’s why our parents taught us to run from bad guys, avoid creepy vans, and not to take candy from strangers; especially the ones with mustaches and mullets.”

But Jesus is trying to make a point. There is something that each of us posses that is more valuable than our physical bodies.

Matthew 10:28-31
28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.

Jesus is helping us to realize that something even worse could happen, and that is the suffering of our souls. In fact, even worse than our souls suffering, would be our souls experiencing death. Oddly enough, the good news shared in this particular verse (You are probably wondering where there was good news, don’t worry you didn’t miss it, it is coming soon) is that most of our worst fears can only bring death to us physically, while our souls remain alive.

Life, I mean true and real life, is found in the soul. We often talk about our lives as merely physical. We have life when our hearts beat, while our brains function, as long as breath fills our lungs. However, Jesus has a life that He offers exclusively, a life far greater than what can be defined in physical terms. After all, who really are you apart from your soul?

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