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A Sixteen Session Coloring Book Devotional

Creatively connect with God using Art, Journaling, and Scripture!

How can you enjoy creativity in your relationship with God?

  • It’s not about being a creative person.
  • It’s not about having art skills.
  • It’s definitely not about living a perfect life.

The real secret to enjoying creativity in your relationship with God is coming into contact with His powerful and compelling artistic nature that invites you to pursue Jesus in a life-changing relationship.

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10 NIV

You can know God in a creative and vibrant way. This coloring book devotional will walk you through how to spend time with God, as well as provide sixteen sessions which utilize art, journaling, and Scripture to connect you to Jesus.

ARTIFACT_COLORING_inside_promoHere are some of the unique features that you will find in a coloring book devotional:

  • Original Drawings. This coloring book devotional includes sixteen of my original drawings. Each has been drawn by hand, and is completely unique.
  • Journaling. Included in each session are five C.O.L.O.R. journaling prompts. These will make it easy to begin the journaling process!
  • The Word of God. Though the Scripture phrase highlighted is each session is very short, it is the most important part of the coloring book devotional. Art can be incredibly powerful, but God’s Word is what will bring lasting transformation into your life.

Check out Artifact, Love Between The Lines: A Sixteen Session Coloring Book Devotional

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Artifact, Love Between The Lines: A Sixteen Session Coloring Book Devotional by Joel Boone
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