10 Reasons Family Game Night is a Must and 20 Battle Tested Board Games

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Ask Joel and Sarah: What does your family do for fun with six children?

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We get asked lots of questions about our family! Probably because there are so many of us, we often tend to take people by surprise as we come parading through. We can not even count, let alone remember, all the funny comments people have made towards us in grocery stores, checkout lines, and restaurants. In light of this, we have decided to start answering some of the questions that often come our way. The truth is, large families have some unique experiences, and ours is no exception. We often joke that having six kids is like having a sleepover every night of the week. With children spreading in age from toddlers to teenagers, it can be difficult to find activities that our kids enjoy participating in together. Here is another truth: our family is committed to having fun together, and lots of it. We have an entire closet packed with board games that we love to play together. Often we have to tag-team members of the family together as most games are made for 2-4 players. Other times we simply have multiple games in action simultaneously. One thing is for sure, most games usually don’t appeal to both ages three and thirty. However, despite its challenges family game night is a classic go-to move for us. We think all families should play board games together, there are some incredible benefits your family will experience if you begin now!

10 Reasons Family Game Night is a Must:

  1. Families need to laugh together
  2. Families need to be competitive together
  3. Families need to develop problem solving skills together
  4. Families need to have unstructured conversation time together
  5. Families need to have high-quality and high-investment time together
  6. Families need to have low-cost options for entertainment
  7. Families need to develop communication skills together
  8. Families need to experience winning and losing together
  9. Families need to take a break from excessive screen time
  10. Families need to have amazing desserts together

20 Battle Tested Board Games:

  1. Liar’s Dice
  2. Hasbro Pie Face Game
  3. SORRY! Sliders
  4. CHH 15-Inch Standard Wooden Chess Set
  5. Clue
  6. Single Farkle Dice Cup – Assorted Colors
  7. Monopoly Electronic Banking Game
  8. Fundex Phase 10 Card Game
  9. UNO Spin
  10. UNO MOO Game
  11. Hasbro Yahtzee
  12. Catan 5th Edition
  13. Cranium Hullabaloo – Cranium Hullabaloo
  14. Balderdash – The Hilarious Bluffing Game (1984 Original Edition)
  15. Apples to Apples Party Box – The Game of Crazy Combinations (Family Edition)
  16. Trouble Game
  17. Deluxe Blokus Game
  18. HedBanz Game – Edition may vary
  19. Hasbro Connect 4 Game
  20. Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game

Here is one more bonus game that my older kids keep raving about. We have yet to play it together, but it is on the Family Game Night Hit List.

21. Bang 4th Edition

May your family continue to grow and strengthen as you spend time building incredible bonds through high-quality and high-investment time together. If you have a question you would like us to answer, please ask! We always enjoy sharing our life experiences with others.

Submit your questions to Ask Joel and Sarah by email: AskJoelAndSarah@gmail.com


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