How to Trash Your Neighbor and Bring some Good Mojo to the Hood

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Neighborhoods. Most people live in one, and they are a very interesting microcosm of the universe complete with extremely fluid dynamics. Over the years, we have lived in a number of neighborhoods, somewhere around a dozen or so. Our experience has … Continued

Demystifying Journaling and 7 Proven Methods to get You Started in the Write Direction

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I have experienced many people over the years share comments with me like “I am just not the journaling type,” or even “I’ve tried to journal, but I can’t keep the habit going,” or still better yet, “Every night I … Continued

9 Tips on Crafting High-Quality, High-Investment Time with Your Child

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There is a big difference between “quantity-time” and “quality-time.” Quantity-time can be accomplished by being in the same house, car, or location together. You move into Quality-time by what you choose to do while hanging out with your child. We recommend … Continued


  Do you want to WIN 4 MAMA this year?   Of course you do, everyone wants to win for the mamas in their life. Which is exactly why we have put together this incredible combo pack together for the … Continued